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Take 5

1Support - An employer’s long-term HR objectives to improve benefits, communications, provide self-service initiatives, support employee education, enhance employee health and wellness, and encourage work-life balance.

2Disciplined - A Spending program that provides access to the products employees want. With our guaranteed acceptance and no credit check policy, it gives eligible employees access to a more responsible spending option.

3Turn Key - A Voluntary benefit that is easily administered through payroll deduction. We handle the rest; program implementation, year round employee enrollment, marketing, employee qualification, ordering, direct shipping, payments, and customer service.

4No Cost - Beyond the initial requirement to be able to administer through payroll deduction, the program has no cost or liability to the employer – even if the employee leaves the company.

5Competitve - This program enables employers to remain competitive in recruitment, increase employee engagement, improve employee retention, and increase satisfaction, without adding supplementary costs to the employer’s benefits budget.

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